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Hello and welcome to my website I'm John Mooner and I'm a British ufologist. I am the chief Investigator for and I am also an investigator for BEAMS. (The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society)

I have always been fascinated by the field of ufology and by anything that is strange mysterious and unexplained. My adventure into the unknown began back in the summer of 1993 when I had a strange encounter with mothman in broad daylight. This encounter took place at Buckland Newton Abbot Devon, England. The mothman creature I witnessed had bat like wings and had no visible signs of a head on it’s body and on the creature's chest were what appeared to be a pair of large glowing red eyes. If that wasn't strange enough the creature was wearing big black boots that had downward facing triangles on them. I could hear a whooshing sound as the wings of the mothman creature made contact with the air. The mothman flew directly over me and cast a large black shadow on the ground around me. I watched as the mothman creature flew directly over the town and then disappeared off into the distance. I was left standing shocked, shaking and paralyzed by fear... what I encountered this day had changed my life. After this encounter I have been experiencing strange phenomenon on a daily basis. I have witnessed things that should not exist. I now see UFOs wherever I go and over the years I have photographed many different types of UFOs. I have even photographed USOs entering and leaving the sea off the English coast. I have encountered strange alien beings on numerous occasions and experienced sporadic episodes of missing time that I can not explain.    

I have taken many photographs of UFOs and strange phenomenon and many of these photographs have featured in the press and on many different websites including BEAMS , , UFOs Northwest and many others.

I have been investigating this phenomenon for over two decades and in this time I have learned that we are definitely not alone in this universe and that reality isn't quite what it seems to be. I have come to the conclusion that the human race is being engaged by many different species of alien life forms some good and some bad. I now know for a fact that some of these alien beings are from different dimensions. These alien beings come into our realm by opening portals in to our reality. I have seen and photographed these portals opening and closing. I have witnessed UFOs and aliens coming and going through these open portals. I am now convinced that there are many different dimensions one of which is ours. I am continuing my research into this strange phenomenon and hope to one day have a better understanding of these strange alien forces and of our existence and place in the universe

This website is dedicated to all the ufologists around the world and to those who seek the truth..... remember, seek and you WILL find.

After studying the UFO phenomenon for over two decades I can tell you that I have more questions than answers. In fact In these two decades of research I have experienced things that cannot be explained. These experiences have affected me profoundly changing my life and ultimately changed my level of understanding. I have encountered mothman witnessed UFOs experienced abduction and missing time. I have even encountered strange, ‘little’ people that seem to appear out of nowhere, as well as witnessing portals opening high up in the sky. These portals had strange entities looking out of them like they were standing on another plane of existence parallel to our own. I have seen things I thought were simply not possible. All of my findings now lead me to believe that quantum physics holds the key to our understanding of the UFO phenomenon and to reality as we know it.

My perception

I now believe that we are all living in a simulation and that our universe is a level within levels which are all governed by separate boundaries and parameters that are different from our universe but still retain the quantum element because this is in fact a quantum simulation. I now believe that all the UFOs being sighted around the world are coming through portals from a different level of this simulation. There are many different types of UFOs and different alien entities not of our universe but from there own separate levels of existence. Some of these alien entities are good and some are evil. There are opposing forces with different agendas. Some of these alien entities want to help us preserve our universe our level of existence. While other alien forces seek to control us and change the way we act and think. They ultimately want to control our technology and our level of advancements. Some wish to merge their level with ours for total dominance and control of our universe and the human race. I now believe that this is what the cern project is really about and that the cern scientist are using the hadron collider to open portals into parallel dimensional levels of existence from within this simulation to try to understand our place in this reality. I am not the first person to come to this conclusion from research into ufology and the paranormal I definitely won’t be the last. Now that I know we are in a quantum simulation therefore I am.


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                                     Photograph Gallery 2
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                                              All above photographs of A UFO Splitting taken by  John Mooner. 


                                           All above photographs of two UFOs Joining taken by  John Mooner. 

                                        All above photographs of a Long UFO Rotating taken by  John Mooner. 

                                                           All above Photographs taken by  John Mooner. 


                                               Above Ghost Rocket Photograph and analysis  by  John Mooner. 


                                   Above Possible Hypersonic Space Plane photograph taken by  John Mooner.

    A  satellite  has  captured  a  real  alien  abduction  taking  place. The  shocking  thing  about  this
        is....  that  it's  me  being  abducted  by  a  grey  alien....  Check  out  the  photographs  below.

                        All above satellite images copyright Google Earth ©2016.


                                                 Above Ghost photographs and analysis  by  John Mooner. 

                                  For more Ghost photographs please check out our Ghosts Page thank you.


 .                                                   Screwed up Paper manifestation taken by  John Mooner. 

                           Note:  The Last two photos of crowned face on mars taken by NASA's viking spacecraft. 


                                Check  out  the above  photographs  of  the  FUJIFILM  FinePix  A900  camera.


                                Check  out  the above  photographs  of  the  Sony  cyber  shot  DSC-HX300  camera.

                                      UK residents  Click  this  link  to  view  this  camera  on

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Another  great  camera  I  use  is  the  Nikon  Coolpix  P900.   This  camera  has  a  16  megapixel  CMOS  sensor

and  has  an  incredible  83X  optical zoom.  The  Nikon  Coolpix  P900  is  ideal  for  capturing  moon  anomalies

and   UFOs  that  are   high   up   in   the  atmosphere.   I   have   already  captured  some  great  shots  of  UFOs

with   this   amazing   camera.    This   Nikon   camera   is   packed   with   all  the   right   features   that   I  need.

I  would   strongly   recommend   this   camera   for   any   sky   watcher   hoping   to  capture   their   first   UFO.  


                                      Check  out  the above  photographs  of  the  Nikon Coolpix P900 camera.

                                      UK residents  Click  this  link  to  view  this  camera  on

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